Review for Day Shift (2022)

Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco are the stars of the new vampire hunting movie "Day Shift". The story is about a hardworking blue collar dad who wants to provide a decent life for his smart daughter. But his boring job cleaning pools in San Fernando Valley, California, is only a facade for his real income source, hunting and killing vampirics as part of the international Union of vampire hunters.

It sounds like a fun idea, but can J.J. Perry bring it to life?

The opening scene of the film is a wild action sequence that sees Jamie Foxx shooting a shotgun at an old lady, who turns out to have been a vampire. This leads to a hilarious fight between the two of their characters that is a total blast. I feel like the movie really has fun with this kind of rag-doll physics in its action scenes, making those sequences pop in a way that a lot of the Netflix action movies (or action blockbusters these days) don't.

Day Shift, is the movie that makes you feel so bad you're actually enjoying it. It's so obvious what they were trying to do, and yet they failed so miserably. The acting is poor, the dialogue is stilted and the plot is a mess. I still enjoyed it. It could be that I am a sucker of vampire movies, or it could just be that I love watching bad movies. Day Shift was great. It's not a great movie, but it's a lot of fun. This is all I expect from a movie like that.

Day Shift was a very mixed movie. While there were some good action scenes, and some interesting characters (the two brothers, Seth), the villain was terrible, and there were a lot mediocre characters. I suppose that helps the more talented characters shine. There appeared to be scenes missing from the film. Bud's neighbor acts almost like they're close friends, even though only three minutes were available before the last scene. Bud making prank calls at the gas station while he was working at his job is the best part. It was hilarious. I loved it. Then, however, the movie went on and the movie was far less enjoyable. Day Shift is mixed. There are some great parts and some terrible parts. You could find a better movie if you are looking for some laughs.

Snoop Dogg was almost forgotten about. He's great in Day Shift. He makes (here) the entire movie worth your time. His character is funny, and he can deliver some amazing lines. More than that, he is just so naturally in the role. He's natural at the role.

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